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Alexander Zverev wins the Olympic final against Khachanov

Alexander Zverev wins the Olympic final against Khachanov

At 5:3, Zverev decided at the right moment for the challenge. Video evidence showed that Khachanov’s ball hit the line as soon as possible. A crooked shot from opponent Zverev secured the first set.

“You definitely have the silver, now bring the gold for Germany!” German tennis legend Boris Becker said in a welcome message from Eurosport. Becker wished Zverev something that he was not able to do himself: he won the Olympic gold in doubles along with Michael Stitch in 1992.

A quick break in the second set

Zverev continued emotionally. When he hit a backhand on the line to get 1-0 in the second set of distress, the 1.98m right-hander took the tension out. When the quick break followed, Zverev showed his fist – as if wanting to assure that he no longer wanted to miss this opportunity. “I think he’s enjoying it now. If you don’t enjoy tennis now, you never will,” said Alexander Zverev’s older brother and manager Misha Zverev at Eurosport.

In contrast to his insane win over Djokovic, Zverev was the favorite this time around. 25-year-old Khachanov occupies 25th place in the world, so he is 20 places lower than Zverev. Until 4:0, Zverev, who played better and more liberally, took the serve from his opponent. After 1:19 hours he switched the ball for the first game.

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