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AlgoWatt and Sundrone provide terrain for PV systems

AlgoWatt and Sundrone provide terrain for PV systems

(Alliance News) – AlgoWatt Spa announced on Tuesday that Sundrone, the group's subsidiary and the Italian leader in thermal and visual inspections and measurements of PV systems using drones, has launched a new terrain service for PV systems.

In particular, Sundrone can complete atmospheric thermal inspections of systems that provide its customers with essential services for planning and monitoring PV systems, the company explains in a statement.

Topographic surveys are conducted using a LIDAR drone, a remote sensing instrument that can determine the distance of an object or surface using a laser pulse.

Sundrone is capable of surveying and surveying very large terrain and providing the customer with complete charts with point cloud, high-resolution orthomosaics, contour lines, plans and sections (GIS or CAD), a Digital Terrain Model (DGM) and a Digital Terrain Surface Model (DSM), “for mission reporting and photo documentation,” As the study says.

algoWatt closed Tuesday with a 3.9 percent gain at 0.23 euros per share.

By Claudia Cavaliere, Alliance News Reporter

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