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All in white: MIFCOM introduces a new online component for white system constructions

The Munich system integrator MIFCOM presents a new configuration tool in Shop before. The special feature: The new configurator is specifically designed to create custom white designs. According to the manufacturer, every fifth computer delivered is now in the high-end range “wholly or partly white”. New construction options must take this trend into account.

Available components are selected so that they also match visually. The system includes 30 white ATX cases, 13 motherboards, and 9 graphics cards, as well as RAM, fans, and cables with a white enclosure. Components that are not directly visible, such as SSDs and power supplies, can also be called a different color.

MIFCOM promises to “attractive artwork” as a result of. The appropriate software for RGB control is pre-installed with the device. There are already ten all-white ready-made systems in store that can be purchased ready-made or further configured. The trend towards white can also be seen in current graphics cards. Powercolor recently introduced its white Radeon RX 7900 XTX, and the new GeForce 4070 is also available in white from ASUS.

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