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Alleged leaks around the screen and more

Alleged leaks around the screen and more

From Alexander Nye
A hands-on video for Nothing Phone (1) recently appeared on video platform Tik Tok. Pictures from the “Nothing. Technology” channel confirm: Contrary to rumors to the contrary, there is no mid-range product in anything with a 120Hz screen. Additionally, another video shows the device’s fingerprint sensor.

Nothing Phone (1) is scheduled to go on pre-sale in a few days – on July 12, 2022. Now, Nothing. Tech channel has put a hands-on video online of the first smartphone from Nothing on the TikTok video platform. The system settings shown in it show that Nothing Phone (1) actually has a fast 120Hz AMOLED display. However, the LTPO panel that allows dynamic settings between 1Hz and 120Hz is missing here. Instead, only 60Hz and 120Hz options are available – with potential consequences when playing videos at frame rates outside of common standards. In addition, the power consumption of Nothing Phone will be higher than that of devices with LTPO boards.

Fingerprint sensor with acceptable response time

Another video of Nothing Phone (1) shows the device’s fingerprint sensor, which is integrated directly into the screen, in action. Find the scene in question On this YouTube link. From this we can conclude that the response time of the sensor is higher than in high-end smartphones. However, the time lag is largely in line with what is common in the current mid-range segment.

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Meanwhile, a leaker claims to have learned from TÜV Süd certification that Nothing Phone (1) can be charged at 11 volts at 3 amps – hence 33 watts. Nothing Phone charger supports 45W max. However, wireless charging via a Qi charging pad is still possible.

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Source: via Notebook check