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Altach Defense Stronghold: Back on the road to success with a Canadian stabilizer

Altach Defense Stronghold: Back on the road to success with a Canadian stabilizer

Damir Kennedy had long since set the SCR Altach problem area when he took office: “SCR Altach, as I took charge, scored 43 goals. That’s an average of 2.4 goals. I have to score 3 goals, oh DamWe are winning a game. But we only scored 16 goals. Kennedy said shortly after his appointment as coach at “the balance was not there” Sky Podcast DAB | Audio guide explained.

It was precisely this balance, which he lost under his predecessor Alex Pastor, that put Canadi back as Ländle’s head coach in a few weeks. “I can always organize a team quickly. My opinion is that I start on the defensive and then think about attacking,” Kennedy explained his method at SCRA.

The CAD plan works

Take the payoff from the six games Three wins – Equivalent to its predecessor, Pasteur in the first 18 games. The course of success under Kennedy was due primarily to defensive stability. Because under Canadian rule, the Altash remained Three of the six league matches without conceding a goal Thus more than the first 18 matches under Alex Pasteur (twice).

Vorarlberg has not only played three times without a goal since Canadi, it has conceded only three goals in the six games. Shear 0.7 goals per match Meaning about a third of the value you could get with 2.4 goals conceded in a single match under Pastoor. So Altach is submitting to their new coach Almost two fewer goals per match.

even with Approved shots And the XGA value (Expected targets waived) A clear improvement can be seen under Kennedy. While Altachers allowed 16.3 enemy shots per game under Pastoor, this value decreased to just 11.2 shots per game. Even with the recognition of the expected targets, the team under CAD (1.5 xGA) shows a much better value than the Pastoor (2.2 xGA).

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Altach improved under the Canadian leadership in several defensive values. | Source: OPTA

Success with minimalism

It is noticeable when looking at Altach’s victories that SCRA was unable to win any of its matches by more than one goal difference. 1-0 against Wydad, twice defeating St Pölten and 1-0 victory over Reid: narrow successes formed the basis of Kennedy’s successful start.

In the “Canadian Table” for the last six matches, Altach finished second with 12 points – only Red Bull Salzburg (15) scored more points throughout the league during this period.

Altach awaits the next tough test on Saturday: Against the superb SV Red, there will also be a duel with coach Andreas Herav, who also made a strong start with Invertel with two wins from the first two games. In the history of Red Club, only Helmut Kronegiger succeeded in this “feat” in July 2000, by which he won even his first three matches.

The showdown against Altach can be watched live on Saturday from 4 p.m. on Sky Sport Austria 3 – with Sky X Dream Pass you can broadcast the game live!


Reid is hoping for a third win in a row against Altach