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Amazon delivery driver goes bankrupt with $1 million: 147 jobs affected

Amazon delivery driver goes bankrupt with $1 million: 147 jobs affected

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The restructuring plan should be achieved through continued operation.

“Our trucking service is available to you with a wide range of transportation solutions depending on the profile of your requirements. With our fleet of trucks, we deliver goods and general cargo for local and long-distance transportation. Whether in Vienna, Austria or Europe, our goals go further than That – Asia and back. We deliver nationally, throughout Europe and around the world reliably and with optimal delivery times. Our methods are reshaped every day according to the wishes of our customers. Our experienced drivers know the best and most efficient transportation routes for your products between Asia and Europe. We import and “export trade goods both domestically and internationally. If you wish, we will support you in the correct compilation of all necessary documents that are mandatory for import and export,” as stated on the company’s home page.

According to Creditreform, we are talking about a moving company with the strange name “Accounting Gasemlu KGIts headquarters are in Vienna. It applied for restructuring procedures without self-management. 147 employees, including eight employees and 139 workers, were affected by the bankruptcy.

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Reasons for bankruptcy

“The debtor operates a transportation company. The main customer is Amazon Transport Austria GmbH, and the other customer is Gebrüder Weiss Paketdienst GmbH (DPD),” the restructuring application continues. “We currently achieve total monthly sales of around €600,000.”

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“The debtor is forced to recognize its insolvency. The reason was in particular the rise in diesel prices, energy costs and the activities of a former employee. Restructuring measures have already begun, in particular in personnel management. Requests have also been processed and efficiency has been improved,” says the insolvency application. .

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the background

Commitments amount to 2.15 million euros. The report continues: “There is only a small amount of operating and business equipment. The vehicles are leased vehicles. The debtor does not own any real estate. The debtor offers its creditors a 20 percent share within two years of accepting the restructuring.” the plan. The restructuring plan must be implemented through continuous operation.”