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Amazon is the most followed company in the US

Amazon is the most followed company in the US

Amazon is becoming a fraudster’s paradise. It comes from an electric current Data presentation from StockApps outside. The website’s analysis showed that in one-third of fraud cases between July 2020 and June 2021, the fraudsters were Amazon employees.

How do Amazon fraudsters scam their money?

A common fraud attempt involves a fraudster reaching out to users with messages claiming to have detected “suspicious activity” or “unauthorized transactions” on a suspect account. The accused Amazon employee tricked the user into giving them remote access to a PC or phone to “fix the problem” and process a refund.

Next, users will notice that they have more balance in their account than before. The fraudster will ask you to pay back the difference.

Some criminals have staged this as a real scam to gain access to online bank accounts. Then they e.g. B. Savings accounts in checking accounts. A high checking account balance gives the appearance of a refund, which is not the case.

Another scam is sending SMS to Amazon users claiming they have won a sweepstakes prize. The SMS will ask them to click on a link to claim the prize. “Winners” will have to enter their card details to pay for shipping, which will attract charges they didn’t authorize.

The elderly are at greater risk

Data from the FTC shows that older adults are more vulnerable to these scams. People over 60 are four times more likely to lose money to Amazon scammers than younger people. They also lost the most money, with the average loss for this group being $1,500. By contrast, the average loss for those under 60 was $814.

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