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Amazon opens first fashion store in the United States

With the Amazon style, the internet giant Amazon will open a fashion store in Los Angeles later this year.

Amazon opens its world’s first fashion store this week

The store is called Amazon Style and is scheduled to open later this year in the brand shopping center in Los Angeles, Americana.

Order items in the fitting room

The Amazon Style Store combines the classic shopping experience of the fashion store with the latest technology. All Amazon style clothing racks are provided with QR code. If customers scan it with their smartphone, they can use the app to check the available sizes and bring the desired item directly to the room that fits their size. Amazon includes extra clothing, instructions the customer may want.

Take away immediately or save later

The changing rooms have extra touch screens that customers can use to bring extra items into the changing room. If you want a dress, you can buy it directly in the Amazon Store or save it on the Amazon app for later purchase. Before purchasing, customers can take the items they want to the store and try.

Pay with Amazon One

At the Amazon Style Store, identity verification is paid for by the palm of the hand using Amazon One technology. This technology is already being used in some Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh branches. Although the store takes care of itself with the help of modern technology, according to Amazon, there will still be regular staff in the store, among others, who help with problems or bring in changing rooms.

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