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Amazon pays compensation to workers in Saudi Arabia

Amazon pays compensation to workers in Saudi Arabia

Contract workers had to pay high fees to the agency and work under degrading conditions.

American shipping giant Amazon According to its own information, it has several hundred contract workers Saudi Arabia Compensating those who, among other things, had to pay high recruitment fees and work under inhumane conditions.

The American company announced on Friday that a total of $1.9 million (1.75 million euros) went to more than 700 contract workers.

The investigation revealed a number of violations of the company's own policies, including “substandard housing, contract and wage violations” and delays in filing complaints.

In October, the human rights group Amnesty International published a report based on the statements of 22 people from Nepal who worked in Amazon warehouses in Riyadh and Jeddah in 2021 and 2022. Amnesty International criticized, among other things, that contract workers were being “robbed of their money” and “housed in appalling conditions.” They were also prohibited from looking for other work or leaving the country.

Amnesty International made serious accusations, especially against the recruitment agencies involved. This sometimes led workers to believe Amazon would hire them directly. Those affected often took out large loans to cover agency fees. On site, they would have found “harsh” working conditions, with constant supervision and very little rest periods and recovery times.

Amazon expressed “deep concern” after the allegations became known and began an investigation. The company also announced that it will ensure that workers receive due payments and will be housed in “safe and clean housing” in the future.

Amnesty International reacted happily to the compensation payment. However, this should extend to “hundreds of other workers” who have suffered similar things but have long since left the company or country. They also deserve “justice and compensation.”

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