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Amazon pays employees for this practice

Demonstrations for women's rights took place in several cities across the United States last week.

Demonstrations for women’s rights took place in several cities across the United States last week.
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Abortion may be banned in the United States in the future.

Amazon wants to support its employees up to $ 4,000 in travel expenses.

Many companies want to help women who want to have an abortion.

In the United States, which is said to be progressive, the courts are threatening to drastically reduce the rights of women in the future. The US Supreme Court wants to revoke the right to abortion. By the end of June, the Supreme Court has yet to decide whether abortion is still legal. It seems that the responsibility will shift to the respective states. Of the 50 states, 26 states have already announced that they will soon make abortion illegal South German newspaper.

Women who still want to have an abortion should move to a state where abortion is still legal. Amazon, an online mail order company, wants to reimburse its employees for travel expenses if they are unable to perform the procedure within a 160-kilometer radius of their place of residence. Indicates that up to $ 4,000 will be reimbursed for travel expenses. “South German newspaper“It also aims to reduce the risk of women resorting to dangerous and illegal methods that pose a greater health risk.

Other companies also support their employees

Other organizations are committed to women’s rights and are willing to accept the costs of such intervention in the future. Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft offer women travel to other states. They have also agreed to pay the legal fees of the convicted drivers for this transfer ride. Companies like Dating Platform Match, review site Yelp, and clothing company Lewis also support their employees when they are affected by what is known as the “Texas Heartbeat Act.” The Texas Heartbeat Act was passed in the southern state and prohibits abortions six weeks after conception. At this point, a nucleus is still the size of an apple seed.

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Republican politician Mark Rubio wants to ban tax exemptions for medical abortion assistance by law. “Our tax law should be family friendly and promote a culture of living,” Rubio said.


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