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America after Hurricane Ian: Suddenly Biden and DeSantis are a team – Politics

America after Hurricane Ian: Suddenly Biden and DeSantis are a team – Politics

So they stood together in front of the ruins of Fort Myers, US President Joe Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They complimented each other. DeSantis, a Republican, was also allowed to borrow the president’s desk, which he had brought with him to visit the disaster area. A little test — the two could fight for office in 2024, but for now: “I want to thank President Biden,” DeSantis said Wednesday. “We appreciate teamwork.” Asked how he viewed Governor DeSantis’ efforts, President Biden responded, “I think he did a good job.”

Such understandings are not unusual among rivals in the wake of natural disasters, but this is America, the divided states of America ahead of the coming midterms. Democrats and Republicans routinely call each other names, and often seem like they live in fundamentally different countries. The term “teamwork” has long disappeared from the common vocabulary. Until recently, this same Democratic President Biden and Republican Governor DeSantis had a special dislike for each other.

The Florida hardliner recently flew immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, the home of Democrats. Mainly to disturb the button. He declared that Biden is a guy who hates Florida. Biden declared in the spring that this is not his father’s Republican Party, which is not really conservative, but “petty and ugly.” Now sudden unity, because a hurricane called Ian Wrecked the West Coast of the Solar State?

Again there was some teasing in the critical area

They had “very different political philosophies,” Biden downplayed before the on-site visit. However, in dealing with the crisis, “we acted in full agreement,” affirms DeSantis. The governor said they were working to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, “from the local government through the state government to the president”. IanA disaster for the region, with more than 100 deaths and extensive destruction, briefly uniting the two adversaries of American politics.

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Here the relatively young DeSantis, 44, is at least a theoretical alternative to Donald Trump for Republicans. Almost twice his age there, Biden will soon turn 80. Today, the president announced, there’s only one job to do, and that’s to make sure the people of Florida get what they need. He praised the “extraordinary cooperation”. After all, this is the United States of America, the “United” emphasis. The White House man significantly increased financial support, extending it entirely in the spirit of DeSantis.

For such a climber who never doubts the constant need for reconciliation, the harmonious moment is not without risk, especially as he is up for re-election as governor in November. Colleague Chris Christie hugged then-President Barack Obama after the hurricane in 2012. Sand Significantly damaged in New Jersey. In addition to rebuilding, DeSantis is creating an underlying problem for many victims who are now homeless, as its popular area is one of the most expensive in the country. Insurance companies no longer want to insure homes because of the risk of storms and floods.

On the other hand, Southerners who like to speak loudly have somehow managed to show that they can still be president and be quiet. Unlike Trump, he’s home in Florida. Biden didn’t hug DeSantis, they shook hands. And the Bidens had repercussions Ian Tested primarily from a helicopter, Biden was not well received in conservative South Florida. DeSantis pointed out that the damage can be seen from the helicopter, but it’s really only on the ground, in the middle. On the other hand, the president explained that he no longer needed to discuss climate change, knowing full well that the governor had little faith in man-made climate change.

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The peace will not last long. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre promises there will be plenty of time to discuss the differences between the president and the governor. “But now is not the right time.”