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America: Baby Boomer, Homeless – ARTE Report – Full Documentary

America: Baby Boomer, Homeless – ARTE Report – Full Documentary

In the United States, the fastest-growing group of homeless people is the baby boomer generation: the people who helped build today’s America and who have experienced ascension and progress unprecedented in human history.

Peter Moya, 62, drove Carlos Santana, Diana Ross and Halle Berry through the cruise service. Vickie Eichelberger, 68, has been fattening cattle for 38 years. The two later became homeless as adults, joining the 6,000 women and men currently living on the streets in Phoenix, Arizona. Reasons? Peter Moya’s wife fell ill, medical expenses destroyed him, and then came the divorce. Vicki first lost her residence in Nebraska and then lost her documents on a trip to Arizona, making her unavailable to US authorities.
A small life crisis in America is enough to make even old people stand on the streets. Rapidly rising house prices and rents are becoming unaffordable, especially for single seniors on small pensions. Many of them have aging problems; They must wear diapers, use a walker, or be in a wheelchair. A good 1,500 women and men without shelter live in the zone around the Phoenix Human Services Complex: where 16 NGOs are trying to get them back on government assistance and housing. They provide 900 women and men with a roof at night, but 600 spend the night in tents.

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