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America: The bear who stole the cake from the bakery

America: The bear who stole the cake from the bakery

Bakery in America

Suddenly the employee shouts – “There’s a bear in the garage”

An apparently hungry black bear was seduced by the sweet smell of a bakery. In Avon, Connecticut, she devoured coconut cake and dozens of cupcakes.


  • The Taste by Spellbound Bakery in Avon, Connecticut had an unexpected visitor these days.

  • A black bear serves delicious food that must have been delivered from the bakery.

  • A staff member is frightened and frightened by the sight of the animal.

  • Then the bear can be chased away.

  • Fortunately no one was hurt.

An appetite Black bear Ate 60 cupcakes in the garage of a Connecticut bakery. Maureen, who works at the Avon Township operation, was about to load pastries for delivery when the animal appeared, owner Miriam Stephens wrote on Instagram. Maureen heard the screams and ran into the garage.

Together, they first shouted at the bear and tried to drive it away. He was not impressed and tried to attack people, who quickly fled to safety. Footage from a surveillance camera showed the bear dragging a container of cupcakes from the garage and pouncing on its prey, according to WTNH television. The animal fled when it heard a car horn – but by then it had eaten 60 cakes. When the police arrived, the furry thief was already over the hills. No one was injured in the incident.

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