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America’s Wilderness on TV (S1/F3): 06.12. – 10:30


In arguably the busiest season, fall, America’s landscapes change. Ruby maples dominate in New England, colorful mixed forests in Utah, and golden larches in the Pacific Northwest. Its formerly green leaves glow fiery reds, oranges and yellows before the leaves fall to the ground. Autumn presents itself in all its glory. The mass migration of millions of sockeye salmon changes the color of the water: after years in the open ocean, they swim back upstream to their birthplace. There they all lay their eggs at the same time, thus protecting the next generation. It’s time for all wild animals to make big decisions: prepare for the dark and cold months ahead or leave the winter behind. Millions of waterfowl follow the hot sun south. They form winged streams in the sky on migration routes that are thousands of years old. For those who haven’t moved south, now is the time to stock up. In Wyoming, beavers collect branches and hide food. Squirrels in interior deciduous forests frantically hoard nuts for the winter while keeping an eye out for predators. In the milder South, autumn changes are less pronounced and alligators hatch along the river banks of South Carolina. Meanwhile, high in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, bighorn goats compete fiercely for female mating favors. The documents provide a variety of all-round views of the fall season.

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Wilderness of America
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