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Amnesty International criticizes Hong Kong's security law after first year

Amnesty International criticizes Hong Kong’s security law after first year

On the first anniversary of the passage of the Hong Kong Security Law, Amnesty International accused the authorities there of unjustified detention, harassment and censorship. The human rights organization published a report on the situation in China’s Special Administrative Region on Wednesday. Under the guise of “national security,” she says, basic rights are being systematically restricted and critical voices are criminalized in the capital.

The National Security Law was passed by the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of China on June 30 last year. The day after its entry into force in the former British colony. It was introduced in response to mass demonstrations for democracy. In the eyes of critics, it serves to silence dissent in Hong Kong and strengthen the power of the Communist Party.

Theresa Bergmann, a German expert on Asia, said that in just one year, the law had brought Hong Kong “close to a police state and created a climate of fear that can be felt in all parts of society – from politics to culture, education and media”. oath of pardon. Since then, at least 114 arrest warrants have been issued under the Security Act.

Amnesty urged the authorities to drop all charges relating to human rights. In addition, the UN Human Rights Council is scheduled to start an urgent discussion on the human rights situation in China and Hong Kong.

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