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An 8-year-old boy with heart problems from energy drinks – emergency physician

An 8-year-old boy with heart problems from energy drinks – emergency physician

A British couple from London brought their son a can of ‘Prime Energy’ from shopping and had to call an ambulance shortly afterwards.

England. Although doctors have repeatedly warned children not to give energy drinks, a couple from London bought their son a can of “Prime Energy”. Luan (40) and Libua (43) T. brought their son Fabian (8) an energy drink from the weekly store – the energized boy did not tolerate well. The 8-year-old had heart palpitations from the drink and his pulse rose to 145 beats per minute, his father told the British newspaper, The Sun. “You could see her fumbling up his shirt,” Luan said.

Then Fabian was unable to breathe and started plucking his hair and cheek. The 8-year-old’s mother got a cold washcloth and placed it on his forehead to cool him down, says the 40-year-old construction worker. In the end, the parents called an ambulance. Paramedics stayed until the boy’s heartbeat returned to normal.

140 milligrams of caffeine in one can

The founders of the energy drink brand “Prime Energy”, YouTube stars Logan Paul (28) and Olajide Williams Olatunji (30, calls himself KSI), only recommend their drink to people over 16 years old. Each can contains 140 milligrams of caffeine – nearly double the 80 milligrams found in 250 milliliters of Red Bull.

After the incident, Fabian’s father demanded that supermarkets remove “Prime Energy” from their range. “It almost killed Fabian. We have to make sure the kids don’t drink it.” The Asda supermarket chain, which sells “Prime Energy” in Great Britain, is appealing to parents to take personal responsibility.

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