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An active volcano on Venus spotted in 30-year-old photos

An active volcano on Venus spotted in 30-year-old photos

Search team around Robert Herrick from the University of Alaska Fairbanks She has 30 year old photos Venus analyzed by spacecraft Magellan was registered. They discovered a volcanic eruption that most likely occurred between 1990 and 1992.

Discover Herrick Caldera on one of Rada’s many photos Matty Mons. This is a volcano on Venus that is taller than Mount Everest. Radar specialist Scott Hensley from Jet Propulsion Laboratory Confirm the discovery.

Volcanic activity on Maat Monis

No planet is dying

This would place Venus next to Jupiter’s moon Yes and the Land The third celestial body in the solar system on which active magma volcanoes are located. In fact Venus is considered “dead”. According to Hensley, it can now be ruled out that it is a dying planet.

Also in 2020, researchers identified 37 volcanic features on Venus that show signs of new activity. Venus in general is of great scientific interest. The planet is similar to Earth in size and composition and likely formed at the same time. Due to the greenhouse effect, temperatures on Venus have risen to the point where it is considered uninhabitable. Researchers believe that the Earth could have evolved similarly due to the ongoing climate change.

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