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An amateur creates his own stunning marble clock

An amateur creates his own stunning marble clock

Just make your own hour Construction is just a trifle. It gets more difficult when you do it with one Marble run Try. But one YouTuber proves it works. Ivan Miranda shows exactly how in his video:

Consequences of an asteroid impact

Have you ever wondered what would happen if… Asteroids Hit the ground? An exciting video showing what happens when asteroids collide… New York or Paris He hits. The effects vary slightly depending on the size of the celestial body.

Artificial intelligence solves mathematical puzzles

There are mathematical problems that are difficult for people to solve – for example, the so-called Matrix multiplications. Scientists from Google Deep Mind It has made AI solve such puzzles faster than humans. A computer has broken a 50-year-old mathematics record. The researchers explain how in this exciting matter video:

This is how the future was envisioned in 1989

Electrical appliances are charged simply by mounting them on the wall – sockets There is no more. The transparent ones Glass tables Transfer video streams and so on Window It can be automatically transformed into a computer screen. All of these things should have been around since 2020, if anything is British TV report From 1989 he says:

maximum speed

How are individuals actually cut? Defense missiles When comparing speeds? YouTube channel Redside He regularly creates videos showing just that.