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An exciting seven for the three playoff tickets remaining three rounds before the end of the regular season – the German League

An exciting seven for the three playoff tickets remaining three rounds before the end of the regular season – the German League

Pure excitement! Three rounds remain on the program before the 2021/22 season Admiral of the Bundesliga The main round ends. Clubs in rows 1 – 6 play the championship, and the rest are in the qualifying group or qualifying place in order to obtain an international ticket via ‘Plan B’. as a climber Austria Klagenfurt True to the motto of his season, “We came to stay”, it aims to establish the class. But if you’re fourth after 19 rounds and now have something like “match balls” with a “home match double”…! Pacult 11 is in a cornering mode as it turns the length of the house.

Oath-taking for the final race on the regular round: Violet of Klagenfurt may have a pink spring.

The surprise team of the season from Wörthersee is in the middle of the race for top qualifier tickets, but the competition is fierce: seven teams play three places. While FC Red Bull Salzburg has long ‘finished’ with 48 points and Wydad (34) has always been around since the points halving was introduced in the spring game, Storm Gras (32) can also play with the main group plan.

Things get wild behind: Klagenfurt is in “lead position” when entering the house, and she leads the chase field by 26 points. But Wiener Rapid and Austria in fifth and sixth are just two points behind, as is SVRed (all 24), which is currently below the streak. That’s not all, with TSV Hartberg (22), LASK (21) and WSG Tirol (20) there is a waiting trio that has by no means been given up in the race for the “Top 6”.

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Peter Bacolt doesn’t expect any decision until the last game

“I suppose it will remain difficult, and the decision will only be made on the last day of the match. Obviously you cannot allow yourself any weaknesses. Anything is possible between fourth and tenth. At the moment we are in a good position, but we have to perform. In order to defend our position,” said veteran Austria coach Peter Bacolt.

The 62-year-old’s side, who played their 200th Bundesliga game as coach last Sunday in Basching’s Raiffeisen Arena, welcome LASK to bottom club SCR Altach at home tomorrow (2:30pm) and meet on Sunday. Sunday and then at the same workplace at SV Ried, before finally moving to former Pacult club Rapid Vienna. With from home Vienna combines great success.

The oldest coaches in the league: Robin Dott (right) has already bought a tournament group ticket with Wolves, Peter Pault “in hand” with the fourth violet.

Hütteldorfer, who celebrated his last championship title under Pacult in 2008, is a guest at Round 20 at third SK Sturm Graz, then at WSG Tirol. Austria Vienna has TSV Hartberg in front of her chest, then WAC comes to Wien-Favoriten and in the final round of the match, Schmid-Elf travels to FC Admira Wacker in Südstadt. SV Ried expects his “favourite opponent in the game at home” WSG Tirol today, then the “Vikings” travel to Lake Wörthersee and finally receive Sturm Graz at “Josko Arena”.

TSV Hartberg, whose coach Kurt Ross has boldly and confidently declared the Championship group a pre-season target, wants to keep the chance to play top in the matches of Austria Vienna and Storm Graz. In the last round, WSG Tirol comes to eastern Styria. Prior to that, Crystalkicker will play at RED and against Rapid Vienna.

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And LASK who has been represented in the main group every year so far? First, Upper Austria travels to their “favorite opponents” FC Flyeralarm Admira, then captain Alexander Schlager & Co. awaits FC Sovereign League captain Red Bull Salzburg in Pasching and in the final race, the match at Lavanttal Arena in WAC is second on the agenda.

Who will make the top half?

“The racing is completely open. It is great that we are still going strong at this point in the season. The solidarity and fighting spirit have got us there and if we show these virtues against Altach, Ried and Rapid we have a good chance of getting up early. This will be a great success as a newcomer to the Bundesliga, but there is still a long way to go,” says Managing Director Harald Gartner.

The 53-year-old German, born in Gießen in beautiful Hessenland, is hoping to get the support of Violette fans ahead of the “Wörthersee Stadium Double”: “We can make an important step in the two games at home. So we need the 12th man.”

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