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An interview with neurologist Christoph Kessler about nutrition

An interview with neurologist Christoph Kessler about nutrition

“Food is medicine,” says neurologist Christoph Kessler.
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Time and time again, we’ve set ourselves a goal of living healthier – and eating better. Neurologist Christoph Kessler explains how this works and why nutrition affects the psyche.

Can you be healthy – and have fun at the same time?

I believe that pleasure is also a part of physical and mental well-being and happiness. Happiness is closely related to our lifestyle. What do we do, what are our social connections, whether we exercise and what we eat.

Is the effect of food really that big?

There are many factors that must be satisfied: a genetic factor, social contacts, a meaningful task. But almost the most important thing is diet. In the brain, cells communicate with each other as a network and use messenger substances to do so. These are proteins that are constantly being produced. We determine the concentration and quantity of these substances transmitted through what we eat. That’s why we can also determine our mental state through our diet. As a neurologist, I studied how to love neurological diseases mental illnessDepression and headaches can affect through a targeted diet. It neither prevents nor treats, but rather influences. The result was a book about food as medicine.

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