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An Iranian journalist has been sentenced to five years in prison

An Iranian journalist has been sentenced to five years in prison

Iranian journalist and human rights activist Golokh Irai has been sentenced to five years in prison. Irai’s supporters said on Twitter on Sunday that a Tehran court had sentenced her to five years in prison on appeal. Arae was arrested in September 2022 – shortly after the start of the protests sparked by the killing of a young Kurdish woman, Mohsa Amini.

Amini had died after being arrested by the vice squad for violating a strict dress code for women.

In April, Arai was initially sentenced to seven years in prison for participating in illegal gatherings and violating national security. According to human rights groups, she refused to attend the appeal hearing because she did not recognize the court’s legitimacy. According to her supporters, she has now been in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran for the past 280 days.

Iray is known for her campaign against stoning and prison conditions in Iran. Her husband is activist Arash Sadeghi, who was also arrested during the protests and then released. However, several other activists remain in prison, including journalists Niloufar Hamidi and Elah Mohammadi, whose reporting helped unearth the case of Mohsa Amini.

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