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Android 15 doesn't want you to turn off Bluetooth

Android 15 doesn't want you to turn off Bluetooth

Google It will be soon Find my device's network broadens. Similar to Apple and Samsung, devices in the area communicate with each other Bluetooth in. A cell phone, headset, or other device can be located remotely because other smartphones in the area have found it via a Bluetooth connection.

For this to work, Bluetooth must be activated for as many smartphones as possible using the service. That's why Google will It will introduce a new feature with Android 15, Android Authority reports.

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Turn on Bluetooth automatically

The preview version of Android 15 introduced a feature called “Turn Bluetooth on automatically” Discover. If Bluetooth is deactivated via the icon in the quick menu, a window will pop up Dialogue Warning that features like Quick Share and Find My Device will no longer work.

In the dialog box there will be a button for “Turn Bluetooth back on automatically tomorrow”. However, the user can ignore this. Because there should be no obligation to use Bluetooth at the moment. This feature, which automatically reactivates Bluetooth after a certain period of time, should only be available in official Google apps and smartphone manufacturer apps.

Based on the previous release cadence, Android 15 will be released in… autumn Officially appear. However, it is possible that Google will also bring functionality from this to Android 14 as an update. In any case, this could conceivably be turned on automatically by Bluetooth if after a few weeks Google notices that there are not enough smartphones with Bluetooth activated for the Find My Device network to work well enough.

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