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Angela Steve becomes Albertina's new manager - Culture -

Angela Steve becomes Albertina’s new manager – Culture –

New Albertina Talking Director: Angela Steve

Modern Albertina got its own management. Angela Steve, who has been the chief trustee of the Albertina branch at Kunstlerhaus since 2020, is now a director there. The branch is currently managed by Albertina’s General Manager Klaus Albrecht Schroeder himself. In addition, Steve will be responsible in the future for Albertina’s “Contemporary Art” group, according to Thursday’s broadcast.

“I am pleased that the appointment of Angela Steve was not only unanimously welcomed by the Albertina Board of Trustees, but was also broadly approved by Secretary of State Andrea Mayer (Greens, note) and the Ministry of Culture,” Schroeder confirmed. With the appointment of Angela Steve as Head of the Contemporary Art Collection, the collection, now numbering 65,000 works, will be organized as an independent collection for the first time – like Albertina’s four other large collections (Modern Art and the Batliner Collection, Graphic Collection, Photo Collection and Architecture Collection ) – It will be equipped with its own line.

Schroeder appointed Steve to Albertina in 2019, where after working on the opening of Albertina’s modern exhibition, “The Beginning. Art in Austria from 1945 to 1980”, she is now participating in the major autumn exhibition “The Eighties. Art from the Eighties” for the first time on his own. Art historian, curator and cultural journalist, born in Augsburg in 1974, was curator of the Kunsthalle Wien from 2002 to 2013. She has served as a value advisor for Vienna Art Week since 2018. In 2020, she assumed the position of Visiting Professor for Curatorial Practice at the University of Linz. Last year, I finally became the principal curator of the Albertina Modern Museum.

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“I am very happy to be able to shape the future of this second Albertina position with my team,” the new manager was quoted as saying on the radio broadcast. Regarding her appointment as group chair, Steve said she was taking “the express mandate of General Manager Schroeder to further enhance the group’s diversity and deepen the important contribution of feminist art over the past few decades to the program and to the collections where possible”. Promoting positions that have hitherto been in the shadows of interest “is one of my important concerns, just as in my previous work as coordinator”.

Due to the renovation of the former brutalist wing of the Künstlerhaus, which will become the new venue for the State Opera for its projects for children and youth from 2024, the modern Albertina will have to cease operations for a few months from February 1, 2023.