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'Angel's Wing': Hubble depicts compact galaxies

‘Angel’s Wing’: Hubble depicts compact galaxies

© ESA/Hubble & NASA, W Keel, J Schmidt

Galactic mergers occur in galaxies gravity to be contracted. The orbits get tighter and narrower until they merge into a larger galaxy.

When viewed from Earth, it appears that the galaxies often overlap. Like Science I mentioned a new one appears HubbleGalactic pair interaction picture VV689which is in Almost completely symmetrical in shape Let’s see in the middle of a collision Located. Because of her appearance, she received the nickname “angel wings”.

Galaxy Mergers effects

The Milky Way has undergone a series of mergers, some of which give it its current shape. Astronomers hypothesize that such galactic events make a significant contribution to evolution and upbringing Galaxies and stars. In addition, they can also affect the extent of supermassive black holes.

Such galactic mergers can billion years to benefit from. Despite what it might sound like, not many objects in galaxies collide with each other, as they often do Lots of free space Displays.

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