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Animal cruelty in the United States: Labradoodle Will was set on fire in an open street


December 17, 2021 – 9:52 am Clock

Labradoodle Will wanted to go for a walk

What the criminals unknown to the Labrador bow did was just horrible and disgusting: they set fire to the innocent dog. But Will survived and is likely to come back at his feet. Wounds take a long time to heal.

Passers-by put out the fire and saved Will’s life

Employees of the Animal Welfare Association regularly come and accompany him during treatment.


One morning, in Labrador, he was walking leisurely through the streets of Decolp County, Georgia, until he was simply set on fire by horrible strangers. Some passersby came immediately and extinguished the fire. But the bow was badly burned. The culprits escaped and have not yet been caught. This was reported by the website “”.

The will is healed

From that tragic incident, Will was taken care of by a non-profit organization called “Dog Days Rescue”. You go with Labradoodle and collect donations for its treatment, which has so far cost $ 8,500.

The Animal Welfare Association wrote of his last visit: “It was good that we went to the bow today. He was in a good mood. He stood up today and moved a little.”

Will is recovering day by day but still needs to stay in the hospital for a month.

Police in DeKalb County are currently trying to find Will’s master and mistress and catch the culprits. (ihe)