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Anna Maria Verschi and Bushido: Thanks to their fans: "Interlocking your fingers helps"

Anna Maria Verschi and Bushido: Thanks to their fans: “Interlocking your fingers helps”

Anna Maria Ferchichi (39) Six months pregnant with triplets. On Instagram, the rapper’s wife Bushido She published (42) an update for the baby bump that clearly shows that the birth of girls is getting closer and closer. “I’m already wearing maternity clothes, but my stomach always breaks,” Vaughn’s sister jokes. Sarah Connor (41). In addition, the pregnant woman thanked her fans with an emotional message that has repeatedly expressed her sympathy over the past few weeks. Reason: Anna Maria has a very high-risk pregnancy. One of the three girls will likely die before giving birth. The 39-year-old writes on her Instagram story and gives hope that the tragic story can still find a happy ending.

In the video above, there was also an update for the baby bump: “For the past two weeks, my stomach has gotten so huge.”

IN CONVERSATION WITH BUNTE Anna Maria finally stated: “On the one hand, I am happy and looking forward to being a mother again soon, and at the same time I have already begun to mourn for one of our three unborn fetuses. Doctors say that in the next few days our daughter’s heart will only stop beating And there’s nothing you can do about it, even though she’s in good health. This thought tears me apart. My heart is broken.”

Bushido and Anna Maria Vercichi are worried about one of their three children

But Bushido and his wife Anna Maria Verchichi still firmly believe in the miracle As pointed out by the rapper. In the unfortunate case that none of the little ones survived after all, the couple thought: “If she doesn’t really survive, we’ll bury her. She and my parents will have a grave in the Muslim part of a cemetery in Berlin, and she’ll get a name. She’s our daughter,” Bushido says. We hope you answer the couple’s prayer.

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Before pregnancy, Anna-Maria Ferchichi had a toned washboard, as you can see in the video below

Bushido and Anna Maria Ferchichi: Love at first sight

Bushido and Anna Maria Ferchichi have been going since 2011 for better or worse. At that time, the rapper and the 39-year-old met at a party. Apparently she broke out between the two instantly, because Anna Maria once told RTL that she and Bushido ended up in bed the first night. Just a few months later, in 2012, the dream couple said yes. Bushido and his wife have four children together, including twins, Gabriel and Laila (8), Alia (9), and Issa (6).