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Anna Roche opens in Ljubljana: Long lines in front of the world's best chef's bakery

Anna Roche opens in Ljubljana: Long lines in front of the world’s best chef’s bakery

When it comes to culinary art at the highest level, you can’t go around a woman for years: Anna Roche, a 48-year-old Slovenian who taught herself cooking 20 years ago. In Kobarid, Wadi Sawa, she took over her parents’ inn Hessa Francowith an episode in the Netflix docu-soap”Chef’s table“She became a celebrity. In 2017, she was named the best chef in the world, and her kitchen now has two Michelin stars. Also in 2022, no chef can hold a candle for her in the Best Chef Awards.”


The “slow food” advocate opened Friday the next delicious chapter in her career: the bakery.Birkarna Anna“In Slovenska cesta in the center of Ljubljana. As expected, queues formed in front of the door of the new culinary temple for sweets and sourdough on opening day.

The bakery is run by Nataša Đurić, who has been in charge of baked goods at Hiša Franko for years. Together with Anna Roach and a small team of confectioners, the show has been fine-tuned for several months. Croissants only take three days to make, Đurić told Culinary Magazine “Odberta Kohinga“He says:” On the first day I knead the dough, and on the second day I laminate and fold the layers of butter and dough, then the dough rests and rises. It’s baked on the third day.”


In addition to bread with various mixtures, with exotic additions such as caramelized onions, garlic confit, thyme, seeds and fruit, there will also be the classic baguette. The view has to change again and again. “Cruffins” promises a special taste experience. “A cross between a croissant and a muffin, where the pie is baked in a muffin pan,” explains Natasha Korec. It should be available in both sweet and savory versions.

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