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Announcing the new collection “The Inklands” for Disney Lorcana – SHOCK2

Announcing the new collection “The Inklands” for Disney Lorcana – SHOCK2

Ravensburger has announced that Disney Lorcana’s third “The Ink Lands” collection will be released at specialty retailers on February 23. General trading follows on March 8. In addition to over 200 new cards, the set also introduces locations representing famous Disney locations.

For the first time since the game’s launch, players will have the opportunity to visit locations from famous Disney stories. These locations could be, for example, Motonui from Disney’s “Moana” or the Jolly Roger from Disney’s “Peter Pan.” The introduction of Location Cards represents a new type of card that allows for a variety of strategies. Some locations grant immediate benefits when characters visit them, while others are useful once they are in the game.

The set also adds an additional story that can be found on the cards themselves. The story is conveyed through quotes and descriptive text (flavor text) on the cards, allowing players to discover deeper connections between the cards.

A variety of beloved Disney stories and characters make their debut in The Inklands. Players and fans now have the opportunity to explore with their favorite dogs like Disney’s Pluto or Perdita from “101 Dalmatians.” They can also immerse themselves in the adventures of characters like Scrooge McDuck from “DuckTales – News from Duckburg,” Kit Wolkenflitzer from “Captain Baloo and His Intrepid Crew” and Jim Hawkins and the RLS Legacy Crew from “Treasure Planet.” This gives the game a nostalgic touch from the late 90s.

The Inklands for Disney Lorcana TCG continues the story of the Luminari, who are mysteriously transported to the world of Lorcana (in the so-called “Chapter One”). After accidentally unleashing a flood of mixed ink (in “Rise of the Floodborn”) that scatters precious legends across the world, the Luminari are tasked with finding these legends and bringing them back to Lorcana Hall. However, their search may be more dangerous than expected, as a dangerous shadow storm has been spotted on the outskirts of Lorcana. The Luminary faces an urgent and mysterious journey.

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The Disney Lorcana TCG “The Inklands” set will include several products, including two starter sets containing sets of Amber/Emerald and Ruby/Sapphire cards, priced at €19.99 each. Booster packs will also be available for €5.99. For the first time, the German version of “Illumineer’s Trove” will be available under the name “Treasure Chest of the Luminari” and will cost 54.99 euros. In addition, there will be a gift set worth €29.99, as well as accessories such as card covers (€9.99), deck boxes (€5.99), scrapbooks (€19.99) and playmats (€19.99). All cards in this set can be played alongside previously released The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodforms sets and are suitable for updating existing Disney Lorcana TCG sets.