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Another big demonstration against the Netanyahu government

Another big demonstration against the Netanyahu government

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated again in Tel Aviv against the new government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The demonstrators gathered again today in several locations in the center of the Israeli coastal city. Among other things, they waved Israeli flags. The posters read “Stop the End of Democracy” and there were pictures of Netanyahu with the words “criminals” written on them.

Former Prime Minister Jair Lapid also attended the rally. Demonstrations were also announced in the cities of Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba.

The protest was directed primarily against the government’s intention to weaken the country’s judicial system. According to plans by Justice Minister Garev Levin, a majority in Parliament should be able to pass a law even if the Supreme Court deems it unconstitutional. Levine also wants to change the composition of the body that appoints judges. Far-reaching changes could favor Netanyahu in his ongoing corruption trial.

This week’s protests were prompted by a far-reaching Supreme Court ruling. The justices ruled on Wednesday that Israeli Interior and Health Minister Ari Deri should not remain in office. The judges justified their ruling by Al-Derei’s repeated convictions. They also mentioned that last year in a court case on tax charges he confirmed that he would withdraw from politics.

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