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Another fire caused by the e-bike battery: the fire department warns against charging in the apartment

Another fire caused by the e-bike battery: the fire department warns against charging in the apartment

After a faulty battery from an e-bike caused a fire in an apartment in Berlin, the fire department there once again indicated that such devices should never be charged in the apartment, especially at night or without supervision. The German News Agency (DPA) quoted a spokesman for the Berlin Fire Department after the fire that occurred in the Weinpwohl area. An apartment there caught fire and 62 firefighters had to fight the blaze. The spokesman said that such operations against fires caused by ignition of batteries are becoming more and more common.


The Berlin Fire Department is now repeating the warning given over and over again. The reason is similar fires in apartments, basements or tool warehouses, of which there is now an example somewhere in Germany every few days due to the growing popularity of e-bikes. Hinge Tips for safe handling of e-bike batteries That's why the city of Wilhelmshaven came up with a plan just a few weeks ago. There too, the professional fire brigade advises against unattended charging and also recommends doing it on the balcony if possible. In no case should the device be plugged into the socket in escape routes, for example in a stairwell. You should not attempt to extinguish a potential fire yourself.

In Berlin's Fennpfuhl district in the Lichtenberg district, an apartment on the 13th floor of a university residence burned to the ground on Tuesday night. Starting with a faulty battery, the fire spread quickly, Fire department says. However, the fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished. Rescue workers cared for six people at the site, but no one was injured. According to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper The burned apartment was no longer habitable and the police began an investigation.

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