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Anton Ostner: Werfenwenger is researching sustainable plastics in the US

Anton Ostner: Werfenwenger is researching sustainable plastics in the US

Anton Ostner from Werfenweng is researching the development of biodegradable plastics at the University of Tennessee. After his celebratory doctorate in the US, Bongaur is currently on home leave. He spoke to about his scientific work and his future.

Werfenweng. Anton Ostner is a researcher at the University of Tennessee in the US Production of environmentally friendly plastics and their biodegradability. He celebrated his PhD after successfully completing his doctoral studies at the end of last year. Currently on home leave in Bonga, he talks about his work.

Kuchl to Knoxville

In 2010, Bongwar moved to the US. After successfully completing her master’s degree in 2012, Astner worked as a research assistant in Knoxville. “Centre for Renewable Carbon” (Center for Renewable Carbon). In 2018, Ostner began his doctoral studies, which he has now successfully completed. “I made my scientific start in Kuchel at the University of Applied Sciences for Wood Technology and Timber Construction,” recalls Ostner. “As part of an internship abroad, I have a year Came to Tennessee for the first time in 2008“, he reports. After two years he finally came to stay.

Biodegradable plastics as a goal

Astner’s research focus is currently on experimentation Degradation of plastics. “In America, large fields are covered with plastic sheets under the vegetation,” says the scientist. “Films are mainly made of polyethylene, which doesn’t break down.” Hence part of Astner’s research Development of so-called “biodegradable materials”, i.e. biodegradable plasticsMay be degraded by microorganisms. There are already the first marketable products that are used in agriculture as well. “But we still don’t know exactly How Degraded Microplastics Affect the Earth“Austner insists. So many farmers are restless. “This is where our work begins. We want to investigate these effects,” explains Werfenwenger

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The doctorate now begins as a postdoc at the University of Tennessee.

Future in Austria or USA

After a short stay in his hometown of Pongau, Anton Astner is now returning to America. “Now it works for me A postdoc at Knoxville University And,” he says. In the long-term future, it’s not yet clear where Astner will settle. “That depends on where the vacancies are in two years. But basically they are safe Tennessee and Kuchl are the two main options I can work with in the future“The researcher still doesn’t have a clear preference: “Of course, it would be nice to live in Austria. On the other hand, I love being in Knoxville. I have lived there for over ten years. Logically, a certain bond is formed.”

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