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Any asteroids could be dangerous for Earth

Any asteroids could be dangerous for Earth

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The passage of asteroids through Earth is a constant and not rare occurrence. In the vast majority of cases, this is nothing to worry about. But what orbs does one have to worry about? How big should it be? This video provides some information on how to do this.

New York in Den 90ern

The 1990s were a different period. If you want to go back for a good 5 minutes, you must watch this incredibly high-quality video from New York in 1993. Including model music, hairstyles, and impressions.

Missing dog

There is hardly anything worse for dog owners than when their four-legged friend suddenly disappears. Sometimes it happens that animals are stolen. How this crime was solved is extremely intriguing.

Llama spitting

You shouldn’t mess with Plama. This kid had to learn it the hard way.

A gaming computer in the doll’s house

Often game consoles have a very special and very unique look. You can see from this extremely cool structure that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

A warship collided with a monster wave in a storm

not enough? Then check out the week before when I got online. There is a lot underneath Another monster wave.

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