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Anyone who lets an important WhatsApp deadline pass should expect deletion.

Anyone who lets an important WhatsApp deadline pass should expect deletion.

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Many WhatsApp users have an unusual deadline popping up on their screens. You need to act fast because you don't have much time.

Important – WhatsApp is constantly changing. Parent company Meta regularly introduces new features to the popular messaging service. However, some users should be careful now: a 30-day deadline appears on many mobile devices. If you do not act quickly in this case, important data may be lost.

Anyone who misses the WhatsApp deadline should expect deletion.

The deadline applies to WhatsApp only for Android users, such as It was mentioned. So far, the messaging service has been able to save backups via Google account without any problems. The size of the backup was not important because Google Drive storage space was not taken into account. WhatsApp recently announced its desire to make data transfer easier.

Meta has introduced an innovation to WhatsApp – with consequences for users. (Symbolic image) © Newscom/GDA/Imago

But that will soon end: From now on, WhatsApp backups will also consume storage space on Google Drive. Users whose storage capacity has been exceeded by this change will receive a notification telling them that they only have 30 days to save their chats and data elsewhere, the portal reported. Unnecessary data will then be deleted automatically and in chronological order.

More storage space on Google Drive costs money.

This change does not affect those who have not previously backed up their chat history to their Google account. However, users can still save their WhatsApp chat history to the cloud. The messaging service has taken the following steps:

  • Activate Google account on the device
  • Google Play Services installed
  • Sufficient storage space on the smartphone
  • Sufficient storage space on your Google account
  • More options > Settings > Chats
  • Chat Backup > Google Account Backup
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Google announced in a statement that each account will have 15 GB of Google Drive cloud storage. With a Google One subscription, the capacity can be expanded to at least 100 GB. For the basic subscription, which offers decent storage space, users pay €1.99 per month. For the premium version, which offers 2 TB of storage, users pay €9.99 per month.