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Apple befragt Kunden: Ist das iPad Mini zu klein?

Apple asks customers: Is the iPad Mini too small?

An apple Currently, a few select customers are asked to give their opinions on the size of their display screen IPAD Mini. Background should be a consideration in which direction screen size should evolve in future models. The cast was supposed to have been cast on the upcoming 2021 iPad Mini.

Apple wants to better understand how satisfied customers are with the screen size on the iPad Mini. Therefore, some selected clients recently received a request to participate in a short survey on this topic, as in specialized reports appeared.

This survey was initially intended to find out how customers feel about the screen size of their iPad Mini. You are asked if the screen is too small, too small, too large, or a little big. In the middle, they had the option of finding just the right monitor.

Will the iPad Mini get a little bigger in the future?

Customers were also asked if they would use the iPad Mini more in portrait or landscape format for certain activities, such as looking at photos or movies and listening to music.

Apple is likely to investigate what the design of future models might look like without a home button, as can currently be seen on the iPad Air. This survey should not play a role in the upcoming iPad Mini 2021. Its screen is said to have gotten a little bigger, and it is currently expected to have a screen diagonal of 8.4 inches. The iPad Mini currently has a 7.9-inch screen. It remains to be seen if there will be more to come.

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