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Apple bringt Apple Music Lossless am HomePod in der Beta zurück

Apple brings back Apple Music Lossless on HomePod in beta

An apple Supports HomePod and HomePod Mini with the latest Beta 5 إصدار Apple Music Lossless and 3D audio have been added again. This functionality was previously removed as part of a previous beta version. New Apple Music playback modes will officially start in the fall for all HomePod subscribers.

With the latest beta, Apple has reintroduced Apple Music Lossless support and 3D audio on HomePod. The company had this feature in a previous beta version of Programming away as we are in the previous message informed. Now provisioning for all users appears to be in the works. However, not all users who have installed the trial version of the HomePod software on their devices can reactivate support.

For users who have already restored this option, the function can be set up in the Home app in the Media > Apple Music area. Here you can also find explanatory texts on Apple Music Lossless and 3D audio.

The official launch of Apple Music Lossless support on HomePod is coming this fall

Apple will officially support Apple Music Lossless, lossless song playback, as well as Dolby Atmos-based 3D audio, on HomePod in the fall. These new modes of operation will be available on the HomePod and HomePod Mini, even if you don’t do much there.

In addition, users will be able to purchase a stereo pair of HomePod Mini at Camel Insertion.