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Apple AR / VR Headset

Apple’s mixed reality headset will go into production in 2023

Apple’s mixed reality headset will, according to a new device DigiTimes Report Entering into mass production in March 2023. The main supplier of the device is the Chinese contract manufacturer Pegatron. The actual presentation is scheduled to take place at an event in April 2023. According to the report, availability at launch will be relatively limited.

The article states that initial shipments of AR/VR headsets will be between 700,000 and 800,000 units in the first year. That would be much lower than the 2.5 million units previously estimated. Lower production values ​​will make the Apple headset less profitable for suppliers. Pegatron and others will still fulfill orders to be in a good negotiating position on future AR/VR products.

Apple has the name one fact Already registered as a trademark believed to be associated with the AR/VR headset project. Previous reports indicated an announcement in January 2023, followed by pre-orders in the second quarter and open sales around Apple WWDC in June.


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