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Apple’s new update is here: What are the changes for iPhone owners with immediate effect?

Apple’s new update is here: What are the changes for iPhone owners with immediate effect?

Apple continues to release minor updates that introduce new features. Now iOS 16.4 is out. These are the new features of the update.

Kassel – Apple continues to bring new iPhone updates to its customers. In addition to major iOS updates, there are also smaller updates that keep bringing new features. a You might not know this iPhone feature yet. Now there is a new one. With iOS 16.4, emoji lovers in particular will be happy.

Apple iOS 16.4 update: 21 new emoji

on him location Apple introduces the new features. A total of 21 new emojis are hidden behind the new version. Including new heart colors, new animals and other items. These are available through the emoji keyboard. Previously, Safari websites could be placed on the home screen with quick access. It is also now possible to store third-party websites, such as Google Chrome, there. Also, like regular apps, web apps can now send notifications As reported by

New Apple iOS version: Better call quality

Even the oldest mobile feature is changing now. Because call quality is improved by emphasizing voice and blocking out background noise. In addition, duplicate photos and videos will also be detected in the shared photo library in the future, and “Voice Over” will be supported for Maps in the Weather app.

Videos will be darkened in the future when glare or flicker is detected. In addition, several issues affecting Minor Protection and Apple Home regions have been fixed. Incident detection has been improved on the latest iPhone models, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

With Apple iOS 16.4, there are new features for the iPhone. (Icon picture)

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Also in WhatsApp now has a new feature. However, she does have a catch.

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How to install the software update

  • Back up the device using iCloud or a computer
  • Connect the device to a power source and connect to the Internet via WiFi
  • Select Settings, then tap General and Software Update.
  • If there are multiple software update options available, select the one you want
  • Click on “Install Now” or “Download and Install”.
  • Enter your code and click Install Now

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