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AQUA DOME – Health benefit for TT Club members

AQUA DOME – Health benefit for TT Club members

In the middle of the Ötztal mountains there is a real attraction for connoisseurs:

The hot springs at the best thermal resort in the Alps bring today's guests and hotel guests to the highest level of relaxation and well-being.

Nature and spaciousness characterize the 50,000 square meter complex. The sensual interplay of elements and the power of opposites permeates all AQUA DOME offerings: from sauna to ice cave, from movement to silence, grounding and lightness are created.

2,200 square meters of water form a sensory room, playground, sports area and spa in one place. Every day, 80,000 liters of thermal water are poured into the eight pools of one of the most beautiful thermal baths in Austria.

The architecture draws the eye to the magnificent nature and opens space for lively pleasures of life or relaxation and tranquility on the deck chair gallery, the panoramic relaxation room and the warm area of ​​the water world.

A unique place for a relaxing, healthy vacation!

Reservations recommended

To ensure a stress-free visit to the thermal spa, we recommend making your reservation online in advance, otherwise there may be waiting or stopping times for entry. Please book in advance via email [email protected] or by phone at +43 5253 6400 6001.