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Are all physical editions pointless without the Internet?

Are all physical editions pointless without the Internet?

A permanent online connection is required, also in single player mode PAYDAY 3 – Cross progression and cross play depending on the reasons given!

Recently, there was a study stating that 87 percent of the video games that have been released so far are no longer available. And that number won’t get better as more single player titles progress – also on the physical disk – It can only be played online. Once the server goes down, the game no longer exists. Now it has been announced that A.J Permanent internet connection also for PAYDAY 3 necessary Should be.

high Almir Listo, Global Brand Manager for StarbreezePAYDAY 3 will require a permanent online connection, even in single player mode. This caused some discussion and questions among players as it could have implications for gameplay and the future of the game.


In a livestreamed event, Listo announced that PAYDAY 3 is based on the Unreal Engine and features such as Cross-progression and cross-play Offers. For this reason, one Constant online connection necessary to use these features. Although two players can play the game alone, one of them is An internet connection is required even to start the game.

Fan concerns! The decision to order a permanent connection via the Internet raises a number of questions. For one thing, it could mean that the game is dependent on developer support. If servers are offline or online support is down, it will be All physical copies of the game are practically useless. This may disappoint gamers who want to play single player as well.

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Another concern is with gamers who have an unstable or limited internet connection. They may have difficulty starting the game or playing it at all. This can put off potential players who don’t always have a reliable internet connection.


Cross-progression and cross-play also have their drawbacks somewhere…

However, there are positive aspects to the decision to order a connection online. Cross-progression allows players to share their game progress on different platforms, and cross-play allows to play with friends on different systems. This can improve your gaming experience and create a larger community.

PAYDAY 3 It is set to be released on September 21, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.