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Are carnivores killing our climate?  - Falstaff

Are carnivores killing our climate? – Falstaff

Falstaff How does meat – or animal husbandry in general – affect our climate?

Stephen Frank Food production accounts for about a third of all global human-made production greenhouse gas emissions. A large part of the emissions are attributable to Livestock. This affects CH directly4 or n2s-emissions, arising during the digestion of ruminants or during the production of animal feed. File added ko2-missionswhich result from the expansion of arable land and pastures and associated changes in land use (such as deforestation or draining of swamps).

Falstaff Thus, greenhouse gas emissions are also due to livestock farming and fertilizer storage. What could be improved to protect the environment or the climate?

Stephen Frank Globally it will be moderate alternatives Potential direct emissions in Farming by up to 33 percent. In industrialized countries, emissionspotential savings Primarily through the use of new technologies, for example by reducing feed additives methane emissionsrealized. also CO2– Connecting agricultural land, as with the accumulation of humus, can make an important contribution here.

Falstaff Does this mean vegetarians and vegans are automatically more climate-friendly?

Stephen Frank “Automatically” no, because it too Dairy products relatively CO2It is mass produced. But on average yes. In general, the production Meat And the Dairy products Compared to Vegetables Food contains much higher carbon dioxide2-Effects.

Falstaff How do we eat eco-friendly?

Stephen Frank It will be an important contribution to changing eating habits and avoiding food waste. It’s not all about it waiver Animal products, it’s about reducing them to a reasonable level and consuming them consciously.

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