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Are our clothes prepared for heat and heavy rain?

Are our clothes prepared for heat and heavy rain?

DrSummer shopping credit: In June I bought a pair of new slippers—light beige leather, silver buckles, long straps, and a thick footbed. As it got warmer from day to day, I would walk around in these slippers whenever possible. Then in July, when it rained, I bought a new rain jacket. Violet, painted, waterproof. I rarely left the house without this jacket until the end of August. A few other items were also added, a short-sleeved blouse, two shirts, and a dress. Summer 2021 will still be the summer of flip-flops and raincoats when it comes to fashion, and fashion for exceptional cases, which is much to be expected. This is evidenced by the extreme weather conditions of the past few months.

Jennifer Webking

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Of course, heavy rain and heat make you much more thoughtful than just looking at the contents of your wardrobe. The weather has cost people their lives this summer and ruined their livelihoods. but the Climate change It also affects all those who are saved again. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently declared that the global warming limit of 1.5 degrees could already be exceeded in 2030. Hardly any area of ​​life is affected by these changes, including the ones we arm ourselves with, our clothes. Is it changing now? Towards more slippers and rain jackets? Or even more important: to fewer, but the right parts, because the new fashion irresponsibly is a waste of resources? And how do you know which pieces will ultimately be crucial to your wardrobe before you buy? Looking at a weather map?

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