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Are you still skeptical about Bayer’s glyphosate comparison in the United States?

Prior to Wednesday’s appointment, Judge Vince Chabria clarified his doubts about the draft settlement to deal with future glyphosate cases in the United States. Compromise is part of the agreement with the plaintiffs Bayer It will cost over eleven billion dollars in total, but will eventually draw a fort under legal glyphosate failure.

The solution was actually agreed in June last year. But Chabria must admit, she doubted the legitimacy of the planned manipulation of future cases. The parties to the dispute had to revise this important part of the puzzle from the larger set of resolutions and submit it back to the judge for approval. At trial, the larger framework of the new agreement between Bayer and the plaintiffs must now be defined. Chabria described the deal as already too complicated.

In 2018, the Leverkusen-based Pharmaceutical and Agrochemicals Group accepted glyphosate-related legal disputes over its $ 1 billion acquisition of US seed company Monsanto. Bayer hopes that Chabria will soon give the green light to the solution so that it can close the legal glyphosate construction site in the United States. Numerous national proceedings have been compiled in the Federal Court of Justice in San Francisco. That is why this decision has great implications.

But court documents on Tuesday show Chabria was also highly critical of the new solution. The judge further doubts whether this agreement is in the interests of the plaintiffs. Bayer’s plan, in particular, is an independent scientific organization to deal with the future Glyphosate cases The judge continues to raise suspicions. Chabria again raised the question of why this should be in the interests of the plaintiffs. All previous glyphosate processes in the United States – without such a body – functioned in their favor.

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So does Bayer Monsanto To finally be able to resolve the legal issues agreed upon in the United States, Chabria must first offer her initial approval as the first step in resolving the issue. But even if the judge hears convincing arguments on Wednesday, this will require a little more patience. Because looking at the complex situation, the details of the solution should not be discussed at present. Chabria has already announced that she plans another trial to address “many minor issues.”