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Argentine President Miley presents a major reform package

Argentine President Miley presents a major reform package

A state of public and economic emergency is scheduled to be declared by the end of 2025. Electoral reforms and restrictions on demonstrations are also planned.

The new Argentine government of President Javier Miley has submitted a bill to Congress calling for the declaration of a state of public and economic emergency until the end of 2025. The state of emergency must apply in the areas of economy, finance, security, defence, health and social affairs, among others, and can be extended for another two years – i.e. Until the end of Milley's term, according to a document submitted on October 23. Wednesday (local time).

This would give Miley broad powers to decide on issues that can currently only be regulated through Parliament. The reform package, which includes 664 articles, also includes restrictions on demonstrations, far-reaching electoral reform, sweeping tax changes, and executive powers to privatize public companies. The government expresses its firm will “to begin immediately and by appropriate means the fight against the negative factors that threaten the freedom of Argentines,” the president’s office said on the X platform. It is unclear whether Miley will be able to implement his demands. His party, La Libertad Avanza (Advance Freedom), does not have a majority in parliament.

Political protests

Last week, Miley signed a decree repealing several laws, which led to protests. On Wednesday, many people took to the streets again to protest. Local media reported that six people were arrested and a police officer was injured.

Unions are campaigning against Miley's economic policyAPA/AFP/Luis Rubayo

Argentina is suffering from a serious economic crisis. The inflation rate is more than 160 percent, and about 40 percent of the population of the once rich country lives below the poverty line. South America's second-largest economy suffers from a bloated state apparatus, low industrial productivity and a large shadow economy that deprives the state of much of its tax revenue. The national currency, the peso, continues to lose value against the US dollar, and the mountain of debt is constantly growing. (Abba)

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