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Asthma spray works against Covid-19 - Corona virus -

Asthma spray works against Covid-19 – Corona virus –

The active ingredient in asthma spray reduces the risk of serious illnesses.
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The active ingredient budesonide found in an asthma spray is said to reduce the likelihood of severe periods by 90%.

Asthma spray in the fight against Covid-19: In a study published in the specialist journal “The Lancet”, the inhaled active ingredient reduced the likelihood of severe periods by 90 percent.

The active ingredient is already used in hospitals in Austria. According to the study, the agent can be used for post-exposure prophylaxis even if the test is positive. The Medical Association asked the Ministry of Health to support the operation.

It reduces the risk of serious diseases

Budesonide is used to treat asthma or other chronic lung diseases. Another area of ​​treatment is inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease. A team from the University of Oxford in “The Lancet” announced the promising results with an asthma spray. Nearly 150 people infected with Covid participated in the study. Budesonide was taken for seven days, with two inhalations twice a day. Result: Budenoside administration significantly reduced the risk of a hospital stay.

Pulmonologist Judith Loeffler Raj of the Medical University of Innsbruck explained that the drug is already used in the treatment of Covid-19 in Austria, but only in the case of severe symptoms such as a convulsive cough: “In individual cases it is already under clinical use cortisone inhalation, which has an antagonistic effect. For infections, “Löffler-Ragg reported in” Ö1 Mittagsjournal “on Monday.

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Positive results

In the Oxford study, budesonide was given early as a post-exposure prophylaxis, Bernd Lambrecht, head of the lung clinic at Kepler-Linz Clinic, added on the radio broadcast. “This means that someone has tested positive and then given a drug with the goal of blocking a course as severe as possible.” It makes a big difference, said Johannes Steinhardt, Vice President of the Austrian Medical Chamber and President of the Korea Federation of Residents.

Brings hope

“We must use every opportunity to reduce deaths, diseases and cases of coronavirus infection so that we can finally get vaccinated,” Steinhardt said. “In the case of budesonide, the ministry should take care to support corresponding follow-up studies, international networks and standardized treatment options,” Steinhardt said.

The study at the University of Oxford was funded by AstraZeneca. Lambrecht told the ORF that the results are promising – with reservations. It’s about age, for example. In the study, the average age was 45 – at this age, severe cycles of Covid-19 are rarely observed, Lambrecht said, “It also occurs there, but not as often as it does in the elderly or people with other underlying illnesses.”

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