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Astronaut Matthias Maurer: The universe "smells like a diamond" - panorama

Astronaut Matthias Maurer: The universe “smells like a diamond” – panorama

German astronaut Matthias Maurer compared the smell of space to the smell of metallic shimmer. Maurer told DPA that when a new capsule arrives at the International Space Station, you can clearly hear the smell.

“Then when we open the vents, you can smell the surface that just a few minutes ago was in an open space. It smells a bit like Christmas sparkling.” His space suit smelled like this after being used outside the International Space Station.

According to Maurer, inside the International Space Station, about 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, the smell looks clinically like in a laboratory. “I had already expected, based on what my colleagues had told me, that it smelled like a submarine,” 52-year-old Sarlander said with a smile.

It looks like a submarine, but it smells like a lab: Astronaut Matthias Maurer on the ISS.

(Photo: – / dpa)

The ESA astronaut returned to Earth on May 6 after nearly half a year in humanity’s outpost. Maurer said he still makes small mistakes because after 177 days of weightlessness he hasn’t fully adapted to gravity again. “For example, I wanted to throw something at someone and give them a slight push, as in space. Of course, he fell only a meter from my feet.”

He is currently doing extensive exercises to control fine motor skills, among others. “I find that my head weighs a lot here and I need to retrain my neck muscles first.” Soon he will fly to the United States to debrief. “Then I will take a little vacation – but after the summer vacation I will continue,” declared Maurer, considering another space flight. “I hope to have the opportunity again – either to the International Space Station again or even to the Moon.” Important insights into a potential Mars mission on Earth satellite could also be gained.

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