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Astronauts are supposed to walk on the moon here

Astronauts are supposed to walk on the moon here

NASA has announced the locations where astronauts for the upcoming “Artemis 3” mission should land. The positions were not chosen randomly.

In December 1972, astronauts Harrison Schmidt and Eugene Cernan were the last to walk on the moon. In a few years, astronauts are expected to set foot on Earth’s satellite again. The US space agency, NASA, has now announcedwhich locations were selected for the spacewalk as part of the “Artemis 3” mission.

“As NASA prepares, astronauts […] To be sent to the moon, the space agency wrote on its website, it has identified 13 potential landing areas near the south pole of the moon. Each area contains “several potential landing sites”.

Landing platform radius 100m

NASA has identified areas where astronauts can land in an image. Each region is about 15 by 15 kilometers in size, according to NASA. The landing platform is a location within these areas with an approximate radius of 100 metres.

These are the landing areas:

  • Faustini Reem A
  • The summit near Shackleton
  • ridge hook
  • ridge extension hook
  • D Gerlach Rim 1
  • D Gerlach Rim 2
  • de Gerlache cooker
  • Massive Haworth
  • Massive Malabert
  • Leibnitz Beta . Plateau
  • Noble Rim 1
  • Noble Rim 2
  • Amundsen Rim

Why are there multiple landing sites? Because some, according to NASA, are closely related to the launch time of the rocket leaving Earth with the crew. That’s why there should be several areas to be flexible at first.