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Astronomy movies Meteor impact on the moon

Astronomy movies Meteor impact on the moon

Meteors continued crashing into the moon, but now an astronomer has taken pictures of this cosmic event.

It is by no means unusual for meteorites to strike Earth’s companion moon. But when such an event happened recently, a Japanese astronomer was able to take pictures of it. Daiichi Fuji is the curator of the Hiratsuka City Museum. On February 23, he aligned his tech equipment with the moon, as reported by

At 8:14 p.m. local time, Daiichi Fuji recorded the alarming flash that occurs when such an orb strikes. The collision occurred near the lunar crater Ideler L, Fuji was quoted by “”. Since the Moon does not have an atmosphere similar to our Earth’s, celestial bodies do not burn the way our planet does.

When meteorites hit the moon, it is entirely possible to follow them from Earth. In particular, the lightning on collision betrayed such events. However, it is not a rule that it should be recorded.

The moon and the earth are moving away

The diameter of the newly formed crater on the Moon, the surface of which is formed by the impact of cosmic celestial bodies, can reach several tens of meters. Our planet’s companion orbits Earth at a distance of about 384,400 km, according to the German Aerospace Center (DLR).