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At 417 km/h above A2: Adjusting actions against speeding drivers

At 417 km/h above A2: Adjusting actions against speeding drivers

DrThe lawsuit against a Czech millionaire, who was said to have traveled 417 kilometers per hour on the Autobahn 2. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Stendhal in Saxony-Anhalt on Friday, told the German news agency that there were not enough doubts to bring charges. There were extensive reviews of the incident, and it was not necessary to interrogate the accused.

to me Faster He was accused of a forbidden race in the sense of one ride. According to the Criminal Code, so-called solo racing is also punishable if the driver “moves at an improper speed, blatantly conflicting with traffic and recklessly in order to reach the highest possible speed”. From the prosecutor’s office, the three realistic requirements are not available, the spokesperson said.

No speed limit

At the beginning of the year, the millionaire posted a video on the Internet in which he was heating up over the A2 between Berlin and Hanover. The speedometer depicted apparently shows a speed of up to 417 kilometers per hour. This and other videos are said to have been created in July 2021.

There is no speed limit in the highway section. The spokesman said that according to road traffic regulations, you can only drive at the speed permitted by visibility, weather conditions and the personal skills of the car and the driver. In the video you can see very good traffic conditions due to the chosen route, early time and time of year. There is no evidence of an unsafe driving style.

In addition, the car Bugatti Chiron, designed to drive at such high speeds. From the prosecutor’s point of view, no one was at risk on the job. The spokesman said the driver could not be accused of recklessness because he chose the best times, weather and road conditions.