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At least one dead in Russian attacks on Lviv

At least one dead in Russian attacks on Lviv

At least one person was killed in a Russian attack on Lviv with cruise missiles on Sunday evening.

During the Russian night attacks on Lviv region, western Ukraine According to Ukrainian authorities, at least one person was killed.

how Regional Governor Maxim Koszczyk On Sunday, Russian cruise missiles on the Telegram online service targeted critical infrastructure and “one man died as a result of the attack.” According to him, “There may still be people under the rubble“Buried, which will be combed out by rescue workers.

According to the governor, an administrative building was damaged. For its part, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that it shot down nine Russian missiles and nine drones.

Russia is deliberately attacking Ukraine's energy infrastructure

In recent days, Russia has launched large-scale attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure with drones and missiles.

According to the Ministry of the Interior of Kyiv Ten areas across the country came under fire. At least six people were injured, and power was cut off in some areas of the country. Following damage to power plants, state grid operator Okrenergo temporarily shut down power in several areas on Saturday.

Russia regularly attacks Ukraine at night. In recent weeks, Moscow has increased its size Air strikes in response to Ukrainian bombing From Russian border areas and targeted important infrastructure, such as power plants.

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