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At the Ryder Cup, Europe feels at home in outdoor role at «

Bernd Weisberger was not yet at the start of Friday’s fight. The introduction should take place in the second part of the opening day. America’s favorites on paper.

From Mario Kleinberger | 8:51 am, September 24, 2021


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Bernd Weisberger, who is set to play in the European Rider Cup squad for the first time, is in a test round E GEPA Images

The 43rd Ryder Cup begins today at Whistle Waters in Kohler, Wisconsin. As always in the history of golf fighting between the United States and Europe, Americans are obvious favorites on paper. The current world rankings clearly show that nine American players are ranked in the top eleven. Just John Rahm (ESP) One can keep the current number continuously Victor Howland (14, NOR) and Rory McIlroy (15, NIR) will be followed only by the next Europeans.

In the Ryder Cup, however, there are different laws that Europeans have clearly mastered over the past 25 years, since then celebrating nine wins in twelve duels. The main reason for this superiority is a simple one. If European captains can always form a team of twelve individuals, it is a serious effort for Americans to create a team spirit. Since Tiger Woods introduced his Ryder Cup in 1997, the American team has always had players who make special demands and fulfill them. It’s poisonous to any group organization, but it’s hard for some millionaires to submit.

164 players

Everything was able to become one with the Europeans. From the first meeting, all activities are carried out together, with no exceptions. “Everyone is excited,” he says Bernd Weisberger. “We have a unique feature in this game, but this week we are teaming up with a team of twelve. Everyone has their number and no one can snatch it from them.” Badreik Harrington Appeals to the players’ credit. “580 have flown into space, 5870 have climbed Mount Everest or 225 have won a major race,” the Irishman said.

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Weissberger is not yet recommended

How many times Harrington Weissberger will be used in the first two days is eagerly awaited. Although he is a newcomer, no player has won more matches (eight) on the European tour since 2013 than Bergenlander. Austria is not yet involved in the first four doubles. Harrington nominated both for four matches played from 2:05 pm to CEST John Rahm / Sergio Garcia, Paul Casey / Victor Howland, Lee Westwood / Matt Fitzpatrick and Rory McIlroy / Ian Boulder. Four more games will take place at the CEST Bestball from 7:10 p.m., with players yet to be determined. “All twelve of our players want to make Europe proud,” Harrington said at the opening ceremony on Thursday evening (local time).